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Add a touch of class and style to your bare walls or plain beading by installing our top quality and highly recommended MDF skirting boards throughout your home. Our Skirting Boards Installation Perth service revolves around a complex process that requires experience and knowledge to execute without flaws. Skirting Boards Perth is a leading supplier and installer of mdf skirting boards throughout Greater Perth and surrounding areas, from Bunbury to Two Rocks.

The transformation is remarkable and changes the boring transition from your walls and flooring to something fantastic and unique with our Octopus Corner Protections. All our customers can not believe the difference it makes in their homes and it not only adds a decorative feature to your walls, but it helps protect your walls from endless chipping and scratches from kid’s toy, vacuums, mops and kicks from the door hitting your wall. 

All skirting boards are 5.4m in length to ensure less joints on your walls and a better finishing result.

All boards are spray painted as a result of no brush strokes.

All skirting boards are nailed and glued to your walls to guarantee a secure fitting.

All internal joints are scribed for a professional touch

All boards are gap filled at nail heads and at corners.

All skirting boards have a touch up after the installation to hide any blemishes and nails that may be exposed.


Before the Installation

After you select your prefect skirting board style and colour, it is extremely important that in the beginning process that our MDF/HMR (Highly Moisture Resistant) skirting boards Perth are crafted from high quality wood and smoothly blended for a symmetrical design. 

After the structure of MDF skirting boards are shaped, graded and fashioned, they are ready to be installed into your household. Our team of expert carpenters begins the procedure of the skirting board installation with thoughtful techniques and understanding, quality materials and a striving attitude to install your skirting boards with perfection and mastery. Furthermore, working with our Skirting Board Painting service to ensure you a remarkable finish.

Our Way of Work

Our Perth Skirting Boards Installation team select the best moulding, which are guaranteed to allow our carpenters to achieve immaculate internal corner and flawless skirting gaps and fixings. This results in a clean and precise finish for the best feature and protection to your walls. Our experienced carpenters use a wide range of high quality tools that allow precise measurements, cuts and fittings of every skirting board. We install skirting boards on all flooring types, no matter if it is tiles, vinyl, carpet or timber floors, we always strives to bring out the best of your home and transform the appearance of your flooring. 

Our professional carpentry team means you can worry less, and we will complete our job to the highest of our ability and exceed your standards. All of carpenters are filled with extensive knowledge and understanding, top class products and a determined attitude when installing your brand-new skirting. 

cutting skirting board

The best miter saw on the market with a premium dust collection system! Featuring a dual laser technology, we can provide the most accurate cuts and fits of your skirting boards.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove skirting boards?

In order to remove your old skirting board, you need to cut the gap filler on the top of the skirting boards with a stencil knife, which stops the paint from sticking to your skirting board. Then, using a hammer, carefully tap a chisel or larger screwdriver between the wall and skirting boards, ensuring you start from one side to the other and detach the skirting board as you go.

Can you fit skirting boards after carpet?

Yes, you can fit skirting boards in if your carpet is already installed and hasn’t been installed yet. At Skirting Board Perth, we can install skirting board before or after carpet- it doesn’t make a difference for us. 

Should you paint skirting boards before fitting?

Yes, you should definitely paint your skirting boards before fitting them in your home. It is best to professionally spray-paint your skirting boards before installing them. Skirting Boards Perth supplies and installs expertly spray-painted skirting boards at the best prices guaranteed. 

Should architrave be thicker than skirting?

Your architrave and skirting boards should have the same thickness, as it allows an easier installation process and ensures an overall better look in your rooms. 

Can I remove skirting boards?

Yes, you can remove old skirting boards from your walls and replace them with brand new skirting designs. Make sure you carefully remove your skirting boards to avoid damaging the walls, at Skirting Boards Perth we can professionally remove and replace your skirting boards at the best prices guaranteed.

Should I glue or nail skirting boards?

To ensure a secure fitting, all skirting boards are effectively glued and nailed to your walls.   

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