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MDF Skirting Painting Service


Our Painting Skirting Board Service is extremely pleased to provide sophisticated and trademark painting services for pre-existing skirting boards and our high quality MDF skirting in all areas from Two Rocks, over Mundaring, Perth, Fremantle, Rockingham, Joondalup, Mandurah, to Bunbury and surrounding areas.

Our painting service explores all variations of profiles, such as Lamb Tongue, Half Splayed, Pencil Rounded, Colonial, Federation, Dar & etc, that will be transformed into delicately-painted and glossy skirtingIn order to achieve the best finishing result, our expert team carefully prepares the skirting before evenly spray painting the surface with high quality paint.

Enjoy your glossy, refreshed skirting boards when you hire our expert carpenters to remove your existing boards and replace them with brand new skirting board. Please view our Skirting Board Installation service page to receive extra information on our professional installation processes.


Our Painting Processes


We provide professional painting services for pre-existing skirting boards, which means your old looking room and floor can be revived with boards coated in a deluxe and well-defined coat of paint. However, our experienced painter must prepare your skirting boards for a smooth and neat finish. By delicately sanding your boards to remove all uneven surfaces and paint, then carefully cleaning and dusting surfaces, we can ensure you the fresh coat of paint will strongly adhere to the surface. You can choose from a range of paint, depending on your preferences and house design, including semi gloss, water based, gloss paint, oil based paint.


Our experienced painter use sealers on deeply stained skirting boards, in order to prevent saturation of the new paint and assure a perfect finish. After high precautions are taken on your boards and our painter carefully assess your skirting boards, they continue the process by spray painting 1 coat of Primer, 1 coat of Dulux Total Prep (Primer Sealer Undercoat) and a minimum of 1 coat of quality Dulux Oil-based Enamel or Dulux Aquanamel Gloss. By following a strict procedure, our Skirting Boards Painting Service will ensure you a remarkable finish. 

Painting Our MDF Skirting Boards

After you select your desired profiles, our team of qualified painters carefully prepare the boards with a levelled sanding and cleaning to remove any pre-existing paint, scratches, stains or blemishes that may affect the appearance of your supplied skirting boards. Then our painters evenly spray paint the skirting with a one coat of Primer, one layer of Dulux Total Prep (Primer Sealer Undercoat) and a minimum of 1 coat of quality Dulux Oil-based Enamel or Dulux Aquanamel Gloss- both paint variations have benefits, but the paint depends on the home’s condition and your preference.

Half-Splayed skirting boards from Skirting Boards Perth


Colour & Paint Preferences

Skirting Boards Perth Painting Service- Colour Palette

The colour and type of paint depends on your preference and the style of your home. Even though, our skirting board advisors generally encourage white skirting boards, as it provides a wonderful and sophisticated transition between the flooring and walls, as well as matching your ceilings, different houses suit different features.

However, don’t panic if you are struggling to select the best profile and colour for your home. Our expert advisors will be more than happy to recommend the perfect design and colour for your skirting boards, while reflecting upon your likings and the design of your house. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you paint skirting boards perfectly?

In order to have perfectly painted skirting boards, you have to properly prepare your boards and use the correct technique. Make sure you carefully sand and prepare your skirting boards to remove any uneven surfaces and blemishes, then using a spray-gun evenly paint your skirting boards- spray painting your skirting will prevent ugly brush strokes. 

Should skirting boards be the same colour as walls?

Your skirtings board don’t have to be the same colour as your walls. Different colour tones will give you various effects for your home. For example, darker skirting boards will give your rooms a modern and contemporary feel, while lighter shades and colours will help make smaller rooms appear larger. If you are having trouble, try experiment with samples and looks at images for inspiration or even contact a professional. 

Do skirting boards have to be white?

Your skirting board do not have to be white. Many homes use white and neutral colours to create a daring contrast between their flooring and walls, while matching their interior doors and architraves. However, bold colours can close a space and adding different colours can produce the illusion of a different space.

Do you need to sand skirting boards before painting?

Yes, you need to sand your skirting boards before painting them. If you don’t properly prepare your skirting boards by delicately sanding the surface, you will have an uneven and flawed finish as well as cause issues with the durability of the paint. 

Can I just paint over old paint?

No, you have to first prepare your old skirting boards before painting them. By sanding and carefully cleaning as well as dusting the surface, you will have a better finish and prevent future issues with the durability of the paint.  

What colour should skirting boards be?

In order to determine the colour of your skirting boards, you have to consider the overall design and colours of your home. Pay attention to your walls, architraves, interior doors and even furniture style to find the best colour for your skirting boards. 

How do you paint skirting boards neatly?

In order to achieve a flawless and smooth finish, it is best to neatly paint your skirting boards with a spray gun to eliminate brush strokes and any uneven surfaces. 

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