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MDF Skirting Corner Protection

If you want to extend the lifespan of your skirting boards Perth, while adding a unique yet protective feature to your home, our corner protection are guaranteed to help. Not to mention, you recieve double warranty on your MDF skirting boards when you choose corner protections installation option. They are designed to prevent damages from accidental trips, knocks and scuffs, meaning your skirting board trims will stay safe without compromising on style.

Our Octopus Corner Protections have been professionally designed and developed for their elegance, high resistance to impact damages and easy cleaning process and reusability. Not only do they guarantee great protection for external corners, but provide a more stylish look for open edges or where the skirting boards meet doorframes. Incorporating Octopus Corner Protections with your skirting board installation, you can be assured a distinctive design throughout your rooms as well as add value to your home.


Protection Guarantee


Corner Protection Examples

Half-Splayed Skirting Boards with Octopus Corner Protection

Half-Splayed Corner Protections

Get corner protections for your Half-Splayed skirting boards! It will not only protect the unique pointed corners of this particular profile of skirting, but add an distinctive and classy appearance that separates your home from basic looks.

Lambs Tongue with Corner Protection

Lambs Tongue Corner Protections

Get these unique corner protections throughout your Lambs Tongue skirting boards with Skirting Boards Perth today! By installing these corner protections in your home, you can prevent scuffs and damages on your corners, as well as improve the value and style of your house. 


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