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Skirting Boards Joondalup

Adding some extra class and high-quality protection to your walls can be difficult with a budget and daily struggles, but don’t worry because Skirting Boards Perth is here to help you in your Joondalup home. Our business offers Joondalup customers, a variety of contemporary and traditional MDF/HMR skirting boards that can transform your home, as well as protect your walls from kid’s toys and the vacuum cleaner.

Skirting Boards Perth’s highly-experienced installers and painters strive for excellence and are truly dedicated to performing their work to their highest ability, which ensures our Joondalup customers are completely satisfied with their skirting boards.

Feel free to contact us on 0406 427 433 or and our expert Joondalup team members will answer all your questions and gladly help you with your free quotes.


Joondalup Supply Service

Our Supply Service provides both painted and non-painted skirting boards to all parts of Joondalup, however our team encourages our professionally spray-painted skirting boards that leave NO ugly brush marks and imperfections. Skirting Boards Perth’s wide selection of profiles means we can provide every design from modern skirting boards to very traditional mouldings to your Joondalup home. There are over 100 types of MDF/HMR skirting design options in existence, so you can decide from 100s of design that suit your home. Although, our popular Joondalup choices range from our protective, extreme high-quality MDF skirting boards; mainly in Lambs Tongue, Colonial, Federation, Dar, Half-Splayed, Pencil Rounded & Bullnose.


Joondalup Painting Service

MDF Skirting Boards in Joondalup

To ensure a glossy finish, our Joondalup painters add a refreshing and well-defined coat of paint that revives and hides any blemishes on your skirting boards. However, before a single spray of paint is applied, our painter evenly sand your skirting to remove any uneven surfaces and pre-existing paint to assure the best finish for your Joondalup home.

At Skirting Boards Perth you can choose any colour for you skirting, but we genuinely encourage a pure white that adds a wonderful distribution between the walls and flooring. If you do find a custom colour that suits your Joondalup home, we will be more than happy to do add a unique pigment to your chosen skirting design. 

Joondalup Installation Service

All our carpenters are loaded with knowledge and understanding, quality materials and a determined when installing your brand new skirting boards in your Joondalup home, which guarantees to receive the best finish at affordable and unbeatable price. Our MDF/HMR skirting boards are skilfully shaped, polished and graded; then they are professionally installed by our highly-skilled carpenters into your Joondalup home. Every skirting board is efficiently nailed and glued to your walls, and all internal joints are scribed for a professional and flawless finish. After the installation is complete, we provide an attentive touch-up that covers all the nail holes or imperfections that could have been caused during the installation. This ensures all Joondalup customers amazing and flawless results. 

MDF Skirting Boards in Joondalup


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do rooms have skirting boards?

Skirting boards can installed in bedrooms, the living room, home theatre, hallways and all throughout your home. People install skirting boards for their unique decorative purpose as well as a way to protect their walls from scuffs, wear and tear from furniture as well as annoying damages from kid’s toys and mops.

Is MDF fireproof?

MDF skirting boards are quite fire resistant and are difficulty burnt, however will eventually. If you’re worried about heat transfer there is fire resistant paint that will make it more resistant. 

How do you paint skirting boards?

In order to paint your skirting boards, you have to properly prepare your boards by carefully sand them to remove any uneven surfaces and imperfections. Then, using a high-quality spray-gun and a steady hand, paint your skirting boards. By using a professional spray-gun you will have an even finish and prevent ugly brush strokes. 

What's the best paint for skirting boards?

There is no specific best paint for your skirting boards. However, the most popular ones are oil-based or water-based paints, which both have their benefits and work better in different conditions. Skirting Boards Perth offers both options and we will provide you expert advice for choosing the best paint for your home. 

What is skirting and architraves?

Skirting boards help protect your lower walls from scuffs and damages, while architraves have an effective purpose of hiding gaps between wall linings, door jambs as well as window frames.

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