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Lambs Tongue

MDF Lamb Tongue Skirting

Looking for a classic and simple skirting board profile for your home? MDF Lambs Tongue Skirting Board is the one to go for! As the most popular skirting board in Perth, Western Australian homes, it beats both the MDF Half-Splayed and WA Colonial profiles and provides all rooms its unique and modern look. Most people choose MDF Lamb Tongue as it easily matches their architraves and the corners on their ceiling, however there are a range of other options if you desire a more victorian and traditional look. Lambs Tongue skirting board moulding comes in three different sizes (67mm x 18mm, 92mm x 18mm, 140mm) and with each size the profile changes slightly, but still holds its delicate rounding design.

A Modern Look

Profiles like the MDF Lambs Tongue can fit well with a modern interior and design, so if you are building a new home this profile can be a great option to match the simple yet sophisticated furniture and character of your home. With three size options available, be sure to select a moulding that suits the height of your ceiling, the width of your door architraves and the size of your rooms. If you want some more advice on choosing the best skirting boards to finish off your home, view our other blog posts.

Skirting Boards Perth- Lambs Tongue Skirting Board

Lambs Tongue

67mm x 18mm

92mm x 18mm

140mm x 18mm

Painting Lamb Tongue Skirting

When installing your Lambs Tongue skirting boards you can paint them in any desired colour depending on the look you are going for. All our MDF skirting boards are prepared and primed for a smooth, even finish, so when it comes to the painting process all you got to do is choose the right colour for your home. Their simple yet sophisticated design means mixing around the colours won’t make your style too dramatic. Be sure to explore explore some work and give you an idea on the colour of your skirting that goes with your door, timber flooring and other home features.


MDF Lambs Tongue skirting boards are an amazing, affordable feature to install in your home. It is an easy and great way to add sophistication to a space and finish off your rooms. If you are struggling to decide whether Lambs Tongue is the skirting for you, contact Skirting Boards Perth today for some decoration advice and a free quote.

MDF Lambs Tongue 140mm Skirting Boards in Cockburn
MDF Lambs Tongue Skirting Boards in North Coogee

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are architraves and skirtings?

Skirting boards help protect your lower walls from scuffs and damages, on the other hand architraves have an effective purpose of hiding gaps between wall linings, door jambs as well as window frames. 

Should skirting boards and architraves match?

Skirting boards should generally match your architraves, however you don’t have to exactly match in terms of shape, style and design- you can easily experiment with different architraves and skirting designs. 

Are MDF Skirting Boards any good?

MDF Skirting Boards are well-known for their reliability and affordability. Customers choose MDF skirting boards for their homes, especially since they are durable and do not warp or swell easily. 

Is MDF waterproof?

No, MDF is not waterproof, however some primed MDF is Highly Moisture Resistant which is still not waterproof, but makes it well worth your investment.

What are skirting boards made from?

MDF skirting boards (Medium density fibreboards) are made out of wood fibres from leftover hardwoods and softwoods from furniture and construction projects that no longer need the materials. 

How do I choose skirting boards?

When choosing your skirting boards, you have to consider the height of your ceilings, the general design of your home, who’s living in your home and other crucial factors. With a variety of skirting profiles to choose from you can experiment with modern and classic designs to see which skirting best suits your home. The general rule is that higher ceilings means higher skirting boards.  

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