Skirting Boards Prices


How Much Does Skirting Cost?

Looking to upgrade your home without going way beyond your budget? Skirting boards are a great investment to install with your timber flooring or carpet, in order to protect your walls from ugly scuffs and markings from kids toys and the vacuum cleaner. These high-quality primed skirting boards will add the style and elegance your home needs at an affordable price.

Skirting Board Costs

Here at Skirting Boards Perth, when you are buying your brand new skirting boards the cost will only vary based on the size of skirting. We offer professional supplypainting, installation and touch-up package for MDF skirting boards of an affordable price from $5.99 per Lm. However, only the high skirting boards will cost you more, which is genuinely the 140mm skirting. Other carpenters may charge you more on the type of skirting boards, their sizes as well and the labour involved in the installation process.

MDF Skirting Boards in Perth
MDF Federation Skirting Boards

When choosing to install skirting boards throughout your home, make sure to consider what each carpenter and installation service offers from their price. For example, you can get a full service of supply, paint and installation from $5,99, which includes a wide range skirting boards and paint choices.

MDF Skirting Boards

MDF archritraves and skirting boards are the least expensive, while hardwood archritraves and skirting are more expensive. In addition, more intricate designs usually don’t require any extra cost, like traditional profiles including WA Colonial and Federation, unless you are looking for skirting boards with more height (140mm). 

Get your skirting boards at an affordable price by contacting us today on 04064 27 433 or for a free quote. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are architraves and skirtings?

Skirting boards help protect your lower walls from scuffs and damages, on the other hand architraves have an effective purpose of hiding gaps between wall linings, door jambs as well as window frames. 

Are skirting boards expensive?

MDF architraves and skirting boards are the least expensive and provide an outstanding decorative and protective feature to your home. 

What are the different types of skirting boards?

There are many different types of skirting board profiles that vary in height, design and material. You can choose from a variety of style, however the most popular MDF skirting boards include: Lambs Tongue, Half- Splayed, WA Federation, WA Colonial, Bullnose and many more profiles.

How do you paint skirting boards perfectly?

In order to have perfectly painted skirting boards, you have to properly prepare your boards and use the correct technique. Make sure you carefully sand and prepare your skirting boards to remove any uneven surfaces and blemishes, then using a spray-gun evenly paint your skirting boards- spray painting your skirting will prevent ugly brush strokes. 

Do you need to sand skirting boards before painting?

Yes, you need to sand your skirting boards before painting them. If you don’t properly prepare your skirting boards by delicately sanding the surface, you will have an uneven and flawed finish as well as cause issues with the durability of the paint. 

How do you remove skirting boards?

In order to remove your old skirting board, you need to cut the gap filler on the top of the skirting boards with a stencil knife, which stops the paint from sticking to your skirting board. Then, using a hammer, carefully tap a chisel or larger screwdriver between the wall and skirting boards, ensuring you start from one side to the other and detach the skirting board as you go.

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