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Searching for professional skirting board installer in Mandurah, but unsure who to trust? Skirting Boards Perth is at your service. Without our top quality MDF/HMR (Highly Moisture Resistant) skirting boards, the transition from your flooring to your walls looks unfinished and bare, as well as allows unwanted chipping and scratches from doors, toys and vacuums.

Our skirting boards will add a unique style and sophisticated look to any room and in order to transform your home to your liking, we will provide expert advice and suggestions to all our Mandurah customers. We offer an extensive range of modern and traditional MDF skirting boards that we professionally supply, paint and install to all parts of Mandurah.


Mandurah Supply Service

Our Skirting Boards Supply service Mandurah guarantees all our customers receive the best quality skirting boards. Skirting Boards Perth promise Mandurah to supply deluxe, high performance MDF/HMR skirting boards in all profiles, including Lambs Tongue, Half Splayed, Pencil Rounded, Colonial, Federation, Dar & 100s of others. If you are struggling to find the perfect skirting for you home, feel free to contact our Mandurah skirting board advisors and our team members will show you some example profiles and suggestions that would suit your household. When you have chosen your perfect skirting boards, whether they are painted or non-painted, we will safely transport them to Mandurah. Using a specifically designed transport vehicle, our Mandurah transporters can carefully deliver your skirting without causing any damages or blemishes, such as watermarks or scratches that may affect your skirting boards.

Skirting Boards Perth- 67mm Half-Splayed Skirting Boards

Mandurah Painting Service

Our business offers Mandurah professional painting services while encouraging even and punctual projects to professionally approach each job. Before any painting is performed, our team prepares the skirting by removing any pre-existing paint, scratches, stains or blemishes by thoroughly cleaning and sanding the MDF skirting board. This ensures our Mandurah skirting boards are smooth and levelled. All the paint is delicately spray painted with one coat of Primer, one layer of Dulux Total Prep (Primer Sealer Undercoat) and a minimum of one coat of quality Dulux Oil-based Enamel or Dulux Aquanamel Gloss. Skirting Boards Perth offers a diversity of colours, which are available upon request at no extra charge to our Mandurah customers. However, generally encourage white skirting boards, as it provides a wonderful and elegant distribution between the walls and flooring. For refreshed and glossy skirting board our Mandurah painters add a deluxe and well-defined coat of paint that revives and hides blemishes on your skirting boards.


Mandurah Installation Service

Skirting Boards Perth Installation

Our professional carpenters install a diversity of skirting boards to all regions of Mandurah at an affordable price for you and your family. Every Mandurah carpenter is filled with extensive knowledge and understanding, quality products and a determined attitude when installing your glossy skirting boards. Skirting Boards Perth’s attentively selected mouldings are assured of attaining perfect internal corners and polished skirting gaps and fixings, which results in a complete and immaculate finishing. All our skirting boards are also effectively nailed and glued to your walls, and all internal joints are scribed for an excellent finish.

Skirting Boards Perth offers an effective and long-lasting installation service that provides maximum protection and style at an affordable and unbeatable price in all parts of Mandurah.

Our Work

Our Work Collection

We have proudly established ourselves within our industry with most affordable prices guaranteed, fast and clean services, and remarkable decorative recommendations for all our Mandurah customers. With countless years of experience, we have mastered our way of work and given our customers the opportunity to add a sense of class and style into their home. 

How To Choose The Best Skirting Boards For Your Home? Skirting Boards Perth


Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need skirting boards?

Skirting boards are a wonderful way to add a stylish and sophisticated feature to your home at an affordable price. Not to mention, it protect your lower walls from annoying scuffs and damages. 

What is the standard height of a skirting?

The height of skirting boards can vary from 42mm, 67mm, 87mm, 92mm, 125mm and 140mm. The height of your ceilings and your style preference will determine the ideal height of your skirting.

What is the best gap filler?

Any high-quality gap-filler that provides long-term resistance to cracking and crumbling and superior flexibility that prevents any issues when expansion and contraction occurs between your skirting boards and walls. 

How do you choose Architraves?

Generally, choose architraves with the same thickness as your skirting boards. However, you don’t have to exactly match in terms of shape, style and design- you can easily experiment with different architraves and skirting designs. 

What is the best material for skirting boards?

There are several variations of wood, such as softwood (Pine) & hardwoods (Oak), that be used for skirting boards. Although, MDF is the most popular choice amongst customers and the same can be said for architraves. If you are looking for premium MDF/HMR (Highly Moisture Resistant) skirting boards suppliers or installers, Skirting Boards Perth is at your service!

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