Half-Splayed Skirting Boards


MDF Half-Splayed Skirting

Why not get rid of your plain walls and instead complete your home with premium Half-splayed skirting boards! Half-Splayed skirting boards are the second most popular skirting board profiles, just behind Lambs Tongue and in front of WA Colonial. Their sleek profile and clean lines serves as a modern, simple design to use in your home at an affordable price and easy installation. Matching well with architraves, these high grade mouldings tend to suit modern homes due to their cleaner and simple design as well as add a protective feature from scuffs and marking on your lower walls. They range from three different sizes (67mm x 18mm, 92mm x 18mm, 140mm x 18mm) and all have the same length of 5.4m, which allows less joints on your longer walls and a better finish.

A Modern Style For Your Home

Mouldings like the MDF Half Splayed suit modern interiors and design, and this profile can be a great option to match with timber or tiled flooring, simpler architraves and modern furniture. With three size options available, be sure to select a premium grade moulding that suits the height of your ceiling, the width of your door architraves and the size of your rooms. So, if you have high ceilings opt for the 92mm x 18mm or taller 140mm x 18mm and with the same concept avoid large boards with lower ceilings as the skirting will dominate and any horizontal lines will visually shorten your room. If you want some more information and advice on choosing the best skirting boards to finish off your home, view our other blog posts.

Skirting Boards Perth- Half-Splayed Skirting Boards


67mm x 18mm

92mm x 18mm

140mm x 18mm

Painting Half Splayed Skirting

All our skirtings are pre-primed, so when it comes to painting your Half-Splayed skirting boards all you have to do is choose a suitable paint and colour for your home. Amongst Perth WA homes, people tend to paint their skirting with classic whites and neutral colours to create a contrast between their walls and floors or slightly minify the skirting’s appearance of their whiter walls. However, be creative with your paint colours, as there is a wide range of shades to use that can get your rooms looking fabulous. Look through Our Work for some Half Splay designs.


MDF Half Splayed skirting is an amazing, affordable feature to install in your home. It is an easy and great way to add sophistication to a space and finish off your rooms. If you are struggling to decide whether Half Splay is the skirting for you, contact Skirting Boards Perth today for some decoration advice and a free quote.

Half-Splayed skirting boards from Skirting Boards Perth
Half-Splayed Skirting Boards with Octopus Corner Protection

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are architraves and skirtings?

Skirting boards help protect your lower walls from scuffs and damages, on the other hand architraves have an effective purpose of hiding gaps between wall linings, door jambs as well as window frames. 

Should skirting boards and architraves match?

Skirting boards should generally match your architraves, however you don’t have to exactly match in terms of shape, style and design- you can easily experiment with different architraves and skirting designs. 

Are MDF Skirting Boards any good?

MDF Skirting Boards are well-known for their reliability and affordability. Customers choose MDF skirting boards for their homes, especially since they are durable and do not warp or swell easily. 

Is MDF waterproof?

No, MDF is not waterproof, however some primed MDF is Highly Moisture Resistant which is still not waterproof, but makes it well worth your investment.

What are skirting boards made from?

MDF skirting boards (Medium density fibreboards) are made out of wood fibres from leftover hardwoods and softwoods from furniture and construction projects that no longer need the materials. 

How do I choose skirting boards?

When choosing your skirting boards, you have to consider the height of your ceilings, the general design of your home, who’s living in your home and other crucial factors. With a variety of skirting profiles to choose from you can experiment with modern and classic designs to see which skirting best suits your home. The general rule is that higher ceilings means higher skirting boards.  

What sizes do skirting boards come in?

Skirting Boards come in a variety of sizes, however the depending on your profiles choice the sizes will vary. The main sizes from our popular collections range from 42mm, 67mm, 87mm, 92mm, 125mm and 140mm. 

What is the best height for skirting boards?

The best height of your skirting boards depend on your ceilings and the width of your architraves. A general rule some people use is approximately 1/18 of the height of your room should be for skirting boards or around double the width of your door architraves. 

Can you put skirting board on tiles?

If you have tiles throughout your home, skirting boards are a great way to create a dynamic and modern look. You can either match your skirting boards to the floor and walls or create a bold statement by creating a contrast with a decorative colour. 

Are skirting boards expensive?

MDF architraves and skirting boards are the least expensive and provide an outstanding decorative and protective feature to your home. 

What are the different types of skirting boards?

There are many different types of skirting board profiles that vary in height, design and material. You can choose from a variety of style, however the most popular MDF skirting boards include: Lambs Tongue, Half- Splayed, WA Federation, WA Colonial, Bullnose and many more profiles.

How do you paint skirting boards perfectly?

In order to have perfectly painted skirting boards, you have to properly prepare your boards and use the correct technique. Make sure you carefully sand and prepare your skirting boards to remove any uneven surfaces and blemishes, then using a spray-gun evenly paint your skirting boards- spray painting your skirting will prevent ugly brush strokes. 

Should skirting boards be the same colour as walls?

Your skirtings board don’t have to be the same colour as your walls. Different colour tones will give you various effects for your home. For example, darker skirting boards will give your rooms a modern and contemporary feel, while lighter shades and colours will help make smaller rooms appear larger. If you are having trouble, try experiment with samples and looks at images for inspiration or even contact a professional. 

Do you need to sand skirting boards before painting?

Yes, you need to sand your skirting boards before painting them. If you don’t properly prepare your skirting boards by delicately sanding the surface, you will have an uneven and flawed finish as well as cause issues with the durability of the paint. 

How do you remove skirting boards?

In order to remove your old skirting board, you need to cut the gap filler on the top of the skirting boards with a stencil knife, which stops the paint from sticking to your skirting board. Then, using a hammer, carefully tap a chisel or larger screwdriver between the wall and skirting boards, ensuring you start from one side to the other and detach the skirting board as you go.

Why is my white paint turning yellow?

Skiting boards tend to turn yellow when painted with oil-based paint, which tends to be the reason why acrylic paint is becoming more popular amongst customers. In addition, the new advance in the acrylic paint formula has allowed it to become tougher than oil-based paints. 

Why do rooms have skirting boards?

Skirting boards can installed in bedrooms, the living room, home theatre, hallways and all throughout your home. People install skirting boards for their unique decorative purpose as well as a way to protect their walls from scuffs, wear and tear from furniture as well as annoying damages from kid’s toys and mops.

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