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Looking to add some value and uniqueness to your home in Bunbury? Skirting Boards Perth’s top-quality MDF/HMR (Highly Moisture Resistant) skirting boards are the answer. Our diversity of classical and modern skirting profilesmeans you can choose any style that is destined to suit your Bunbury home, not to mention it all comes at anaffordable and budget-friendly price. By not only adding a distinctive feature in your household, you can protect your walls from scuffs and damages when vacuuming and mopping your home or your pets and kids dragging toys along the edges of your rooms.

By only using our premium skirting board product, all our customers in Bunbury can renovate their home without worry and accomplish their perfect dream homes. Contact us on today 0406 427 433 or and our Bunbury consultant will answer all your questions and gladly help you with your free quote. 


Bunbury Supply Service

Our business supplies a vast collection of skirting board styles to all parts of Bunbury at budget-friendly and unbeatable prices. We promise Bunbury to provide high-performance MDF/HMR skirting boards in all types of profiles, including Lambs Tongue, Half Splayed, Pencil Rounded, Colonial, Federation, Dar & 100s of others to choose from. However, if you are struggling to select the ideal design for your Bunbury home, don’t hesitate to contact us for an expert decorative advice to find the perfect fit. Taking extreme precautions in delivering your skirting, we have developed a vehicle that is designed to transport your MDF skirting with no issues and maximum security in order to prevent any scratches and watermarks. Our flexible and punctual service means we will deliver your skirting boards to Bunbury when it suit you and your timetable. 

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Bunbury Painting Service

Skirting Boards Perth provides painting services to all parts of Bunbury to guarantee a flawless and well-defined coat of paint that revives your selected skirting profile. By delicately painting the boards with a premium spray-gun, we can assure you no brushstrokes or uneven coverages will show on your skirting, instead you will have a smooth and glossy finish in your Bunbury home. Our experienced painter prepare the skirting then take on the painting process that includes one coat of Primer, one layer of Dulux Total Prep (Primer Sealer Undercoat) and a minimum of 1 coat of quality Dulux Oil-based Enamel or Dulux Aquanamel Gloss. This is destined to provide a long-lasting and ideal skirting board design for your household. 


Bunbury Installation Service

Skirting Boards Perth Installation

After your selected skirting board are carefully spray-painted in the perfect colour, our superior installers shape, polish and grade the skirting boards, so they can be installed into your Bunbury home. With our professional Bunbury painting service, you can worry less and be completely assured that we complete the job to our best abilities.

As our skirting boards are 5.4m in length, you will have fewer joints along your wall and the skirting boards appear more professional and valued. Moreover, every single skirting is securely nailed then glued to your walls, and all internal joints are scribed for a professional touch and secure, long-lasting service. If you wish to install corner protection throughout your home to protect your corner and add a distinctive feature to your skirting board, view our corner protection page under services for more information. 

Our Work

Our Work Collection

We have proudly established ourselves within our industry with most affordable prices guaranteed, fast and clean services, and remarkable decorative recommendations for all our Bunbury customers. With countless years of experience, we have mastered our way of work and given our customers the opportunity to add a sense of class and style into their home. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix skirting boards on the wall?

In order to fix your skirting boards to your wall, you’ll need a measuring tape or laser to determine the length of your boards, a miter saw for precise cuts, a nail gun as well as glue to perfectly secure your skirting. 

How do you cut skirting boards at 45 degrees?

Make sure you first measure how long the boards need to be, then using a miter saw, position it for a perfect 45 degree angle cut.

What to use to fill gaps in skirting boards?

Using any high-quality gap-filler that provides long-term resistance to cracking and crumbling and superior flexibility. It is important to purchase a flexible gap-filler as it make it ideal for filling gaps where expansion and contraction occurs between a skirting board and a wall. 

How do you paint skirting boards without brush marks?

The best way to paint your skirting boards without brush marks is to carefully spray-paint them using a professional spray gun. It requires skill as well as a steady hand, and Skirting Boards Perth provide top-quality painting services at affordable prices.

Can you remove skirting boards without damage?

You can remove your skirting boards without creating damages above your skirting boards original place, so you can neatly install your new skirting boards and prevent painting your whole wall again. However, to prevent any damage make sure to cut the gap filler on the top of the skirting boards with a stencil knife to stop the paint from peeling off. Carefully, using a hammer, tap a chisel or larger screwdriver between the wall and skirting boards to detach your skirting boards. 

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